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Hello friends and welcome to Last Sparrow Tattoo

Scott Sylvia


So here it is, my first blog entry. Check me out, I'm in the 90"s now....

I will be writing a couple of book reviews on three amazing books. The first one is the Bob Roberts book, which has a pricey back bone and is well worth it. The second will be the Tattoo Encyclopedia by Hanky Panky, a true pirate. Hanky Panky takes no shit, none whatsoever. He is the greatest tattoo historian and he lives the life, as opposed to all the degree holding turds who are just hoping someone will take them serious. I cannot remember the name of the Danish tattoo book I'll be reviewing, I just know that I've have spent hours looking at it wishing i could be that cool... sweet beards and stashes all over it... oh, and lots of boats.

Hope these words find you well and true,

most respectfully,



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Look forward to it. Have some old tat books myself that I'd like to review for members on the site. I'm with ya on being in the "90's" now . skipped myspace just got on facebook and I don't carry a cell phone unless I'm riding. Figured might as well join the rest of the world. Now I have to get an i phone or something so I can fully take advantage of all this tech stuff. Looking forward to gettn' down with some folks that can't get enough of this stuff. Dean Schubert

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Welcome to the 90's! I actually really enjoyed the 90's, good times. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing some pictures of your tattoo work and designs. Cheers!

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nevermind, i found it!

i guess i'll be one of those turds someday (what can i say, i'm a sucker for school), but hopefully a little less of one because i'll have a collection of ink and some personal stories. at least it won't be in anthropology.

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