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Allergic reaction, Infection, poor aftercare, heavyhandedness?


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Hey guys, 


Ok, so I got a new tattoo on my forearm about 5 days ago today.  On day it started bubbling, and almost scabbing over already.  Now it's looking worse.  It looks like its missing spots and some line work that was initially there on day 1.  I have 6 other tattoos and have NEVER had this issue.  This is a tattoo that was already there, but it was awful, so 5 months later decided to have it redone, could that be why its doing this?  The artist who did is supposed to be unbelievable, so I doubt it's him.  Will this tattoo heal OK or am I doomed for yet a THIRD retouch-up on it?





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Umm it's a little warm at times, but not bad.  It's not oozing, no smelling.  Just wat looks like a TON of thick nasty scabbing, and now they're cracking and starting to bleed, but I'm trying not to put too much lotion, but its been tough.  Do you think this will heal normally or will it look effed up after healed?  I can also tell that it's missing some ink in spots, and a few small lines are missing.  Is that a product of the way it looks or..?

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Hey, I got a coverup over a 4 month old tattoo and have nasty ass crusty cookie feeling scabs. It's blackout so it's worse than yours too.


What I think happened in my case is that my skin hadn't fully healed as me and my artist thought it had. 


Maybe that's the same for ya?

Mines crusty with a big layer kf plasma beneath, still quite swollen and painful in the area over the previous piece. Sucks to have to baby it through and pray for a decent end result. 

I'd have waited a year before covering it if I knew 4 months wouldn't be enough. 😑 Just keep treating it well and hope for the best. Worst case you'll have to get it touched up later on. 

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