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Help! What can I cover this up with?


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Hey all, so this was a piece I had done when I was very involved in a cycling club and, well, now I’m not - and I hate it 🤣 Looking for general advice as to whether people reckon this can be covered up without any need for laser removal first? And, if so, hit me with any ideas of what would be an awesome design to go over it? Thanks 😊 


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2 hours ago, Lexi Robinson said:

I believe that it is best for you to find a skilful writer who will answer all your questions and has experience in such work. Recently, I faced a similar situation when I had to write my nursing essay and I didn't know how to do it. It caused me difficulties, and I did not want to turn to the first person I came across. But thanks to analysis and research, I found good professionals and everything turned out great. So I advise you to do the same in your case, and you will also be successful.

What the F*** are you talking about you F***ing idiot??? No one wants to go to your shitty writing website.

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