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Japanese font in tattoo design


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So I’m planning to tattoo this design I made on my forearm(as in the attached image-about 18x6 cm)

But something that I was wondering about was the font to use with the Japanese letters, as they are going to be quite small my tattoo artist advised me that we should find a font that’s less like brush strokes

so my question is if somebody has an idea for a font which would fit the overall theme but will not fade badly and will be more easily tattooed 


P.S I know that zoro and ichigos panels are not very good for a tattoo as the lines would fade to make it look incoherent, this is something I already talked to my tattoo artist about and he will design it better by hand



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I don't have any idea what font to use, but my suggestion would be to skip the font all together. Thin lines on thin skin can be prone to blowouts and you're looking at your wrist and elbow ditch - not a great place for that. If you absolutely must have the font, I'd ask your artist to find something - he's the one that will have to make it work.

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@Hogrider got what you're saying, the quotes are important for me but i do agree with changing it to dodge mistakes and blowouts,

so first of all, about finding the font, it is something that i spoke to my artist about, and he said that we would sit on it and find something that fits us both. And because I like to "do my homework" I am doing a bit of research beforehand

secondly, took to attention about the problematic areas, so what if I do something like this? (attached a new design), this way I have some more room for manipulation of size and position , as well as avoiding those wrist and elbow ditches

is this better?

New design on hand.jpeg

New design on hand2.jpeg

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On 3/31/2023 at 2:50 PM, Hogrider said:

The placement Looks better, but thin lines just don’t usually hold up long term.

However, its your tattoo and you should get what you want as long as you understand the risks.

Good luck, and please post it when it’s done!

This is a good idea about tattoo.

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