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War Club idea for my right arm..

Liz Stitch Ellis

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We've been holding off finishing my right arm because we weren't sure if I was going to be starting anything on the inside of that arm. (as well we had to finish the banshee..)

But in the mean while I was told to sketch something if an idea should pop into my head. I found this war club doing some research on my heritage and used some old roses I sketched a long time ago..

This is what I came up with, but I don't know how I feel about the roses. My question is there something else you guys would suggest? I don't know how well it would flow with the rest of my arm.


This is what is already completed on my arm..


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The concept kind of reminds me of this one by Chris Smith (Deluxe Tattoo, Chicago) -


If you're not sure about the roses I guess scrollwork or something is another option.

If it's not too personal, did you pick the idea of a war-club because you want a native american element, or is there an even more specific reason?

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@RoryQ I like that, kinda cool. I'm going with the war club because I'm half mohawk. And the rest of the arm has that... "nature" I guess feel to it. *shrug* I like the idea of the war club in flowers kinda like a "war among peace" thing. So yeah I guess it was more because I wanted the native american element with out going with the traditional lady head with a head dress on, or a dream catcher.

Never considered scroll work, if I were to go with scroll work I'm not to sure what i'd have it say..

- - - Updated - - -

Regarding flow, the same artist will be doing it? If yes, then yes - it should flow nicely.

Absolutely, I've pretty much given that woman my entire canvas with the exception of my right leg, her apprentice has that because she loves cartoons!

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