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Touching moments


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Anyone ever end up having a touching moment about or over a tattoo? Today I skyped my grandma for the first time, and I showed her the tattoo I had gotten of her name. Then my sister, who was in the room with her (she was visiting her in vegas) showed my grandma her tattoo of grandma's name... My grandma was speechless and then started crying. She was so touched that we cared enough about her to get it on us. She cried for like 5 minutes. I had to fight the tears on my side. She just thought it was the coolest thing and couldnt get over that we loved her enough to do it. Melted my heart a bit.

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My first client that I know of passed away a few months back from rectal cancer. I worked on a Strat neck coming out of his upper left arm. I asked him while I was working on him how he felt about his mortality (he was terminal). He told me that he tried to live each day to the fullest, and inspire others to do the same.

I look like a big tough tattooed guy. I had to put the machine down and go wipe the tears from eyes.

It's art to be sure, but with a shelf life. People, their lives and stories keep me from burning out. But when I got the call, my heart went up into my throat, and went and had another cry.

I'd say RIP Scott, but I know you are already.

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