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Hi all

Cary Brief

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My name is Cary Brief, I started tattooing around 1986. Started building machines in 1988. I worked at Bob Oslon's in Chicago for a spell, (thanks Bob RIP), I tattooed in Austria in the late 80's . Opened my first shop about 1991 (Revolutionary tattoo). Eventually opening three others, Powerhouse Tattoo Montclair NJ, Ink-credible Tattoo (montclair NJ - Now Jinx Proof) and Studio Tattoo Morristown NJ . Two of those shops are still running strong (In Montclair NJ). IN 1993 and 1994 I hosted the Ink-credible Tattoo Convention. Hr Giger was our special guest. We had a great time and all but two years of busting our hump for the shows was enough. I tattooed full time in my shops until the mid 1990's when my back went out and required a number or surgeries. Now I tattoo occasionally but build machines full time. I started Rings and Things, INc Body Jewelry in 1993 and we ran a Full CNC shop, also making machine frames and parts until we sold in 2004. I will have a new line of machines out this spring. While I haven't been able to tattoo full time due to my back issues I took to painting and printmaking more - and have really enjoyed these other areas of art making, although tattooing always was, is and will be my first love. I am amazed and at times dismayed at the road tattooing has taken - Tattooing has been down bumpy roads before and will survive.

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