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Hi guys.... Just joined your site.

Was surfing around looking for inspirational body art and found you guys.

Glad to be here..... will have fun looking around.

Im heading to Florida in September to meet up with my brother and his family. They moved to Australia 6 years ago now so looking forward to the reunion.

long story short.... he was the best man at my wedding and i intended getting him a tat for his troubles..... thing is he moved away before we got the chance.

So the plan is to get inked when we meet up.

So.... can anyone help me out with good places to get work done when we are out that way?

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That would be Orlando. Lots of decent shops within a few hours ... I just don't know Orlando that well. I second Dave Bruehl in Tampa (2.5 hours west) or most of the guys at Inksmith & Rogers in Jacksonville. But that's even farther.

So ... Orlando artist recommendations, folks?

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Nice..... thanks guys... that's given me plenty to look at. ....Some really nice styles there.

I'll have a look through their work and get some more ideas of designs, that way i'll be able to decide who would suit.

Appreciate all your input people =]

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