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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping maybe a moderator can help me out. When I joined the forum I signed in via Facebook. Today I decided to try out the Taptalk app for reading the forum online but I discovered I cannot log into the forums via the app because it doesn't allow me to log in via Facebook. Is there anyway I can change my login from Facebook to logging in via the app without losing my posts or setting up a new account?


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When I signed up to the forum and logged in, my name was generated by fb, and I became Mark Bee by default. At least, that's how I understand the process. I'm sorry about this - I'm not much good at this sort of thing. :(

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Remember that your username is case sensitive, so it has to be entered exactly like this, with the space in the middle:

Mark Bee

Thanks, Steve. I tried that, very carefully, but with no luck. Oh well. I'll survive. I appreciate the help, though.

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