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Hi, my name's Steve and i'm looking to get my first tattoo done in the next few weeks, but i am struggling to pull together a design.

I'm 18 years old and have wanted this tattoo for a number of years. I want a memorial tattoo for my Dad whom passed away 9 years ago, similar to the tattoo that he had for his Dad. I want to base my tattoo round his but don't want a complete copy of it, but i'm struggling for ideas. Lacking knowledge of industry and any drawing talent i was hoping you guys could help me out!

Sadly since my Dad passed away so long ago i can only vaguely remember his tattoo, and we don't seem to have any close up photos of it, but this is the best i could do of his tattoo: http://i.imgur.com/iho8gYk.jpg

I made this in paint to make it a little clearer: imgur: the simple image sharer

My Dad's tattoo seemed to be wrapped in something as well, what looks like roses. Originally my Dad's tattoo had colour in it but faded over the years, but i'd really like to have colour in mine, something similar to this kind of style: imgur: the simple image sharer I really like how rich the tattoos look.

I want to have roses wrapped round in but i can't seem to picture or draw out how they'd fit with the rest of the tattoo, and i dont want them to dominate the tattoo, and was also thinking of maybe including small swallows flying towards and away from the cross, if that makes sense.

If anyone can provide any feedback that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

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It seems like you've got a good idea about what you want.

If you tell us where you are somebody will chime in with a good artist in your area.

It'll be easy from there, just take what you shared with us to somebody who knows what they're doing and you'll end up with a great tattoo! :)

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Frith St. Tattoo you say? No need for anyone to chime in with a good artist then! :)

Seriously, you are in good hands. You may not be able to exactly visualize what you want right now, but with the reference and ideas you've got there the artist you end up working with will give you an excellent tattoo.

Who are you booked with, if you don't mind my asking?

And of course - Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks! I'm booked with Emiliano, his portfolio on their site is awesome and seems like it'd really suit my idea. I'm hugely excited and a little anxious at the same time as my brother has had a few tattoos (also for my Dad) and he hammered it home to me to make sure that i get all the little details right such as shading, font etc..

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Hi Steve,

I am also a first time tattoo'er and wanted a tattoo similar to my grandfathers hinge tattoos. He died when I was 13, I'm 45 now. I took a pitiful drawing to the tattoo artist and explained to him, just like you explained to us, what I wanted. The artist will bring your idea to life and you will be amazed just as I was. So don't worry to much about the design that is what the artist is for. It sounds like you are in great hands so enjoy the ride. Oh, and please share your pics!


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