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Are there any other fish keeping enthusiasts here? I'm a total fish nerd and recently I've been running into a lot of other aquarium nerd tattooers and collectors. I think it would be cool to share what specimens we have and post pictures. If not, I promise not to bore you all with my fish :o

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I had a 55 gallon reef for about 5 years. It was absolutely gorgeous. Until i made the mistake of buying one fish without checking into it's behavior type. It slowly over time ate everything in the tank. I wanted to start over, but it's a really big $$$ investment.

Said fish -


That is a beautiful fish!

Currently have 3 running tanks:

5 gallon that contains a red cambodian double tail betta and zebra nerite snail as well as various live aquatic plants

60 gallon that currently contains 2 young blood parrot cichlids 7 neon tetra (there were 12 but are being eaten by the parrots. They were bought as dither fish anyway) and one L240 vampire Plecostomus

3 gallon which is currently home to two baby (about 1 in.) electric blue Jack Dempseys. This is just a growing tank until they are about 2-2.5 inches and then will be moved into the 60 gal with the other cichlids.

below are pics of the chiclids and the pleco.

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Trigger fish work well with Angel fish ..... and parrot fish, we had them mixed with each other when I was growing up. Just ask the guy at the aquarium where you are buying your fish.

- - - Updated - - -

I should update what I grew up with so this is what I can remember. Trigger, Angel, Parrot, several to types of shrimp, clown, a lion fish for a little bit,

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When I was a kid my dad enjoyed fish and we had two freshwater aquariums and one marine aquarium. In the marine we had clowns, starfish, a few other fish and a very large saltwater hermit crab. Surprisingly the hermit crab ended up eating everything except the starfish.

I then went a LONG time without any fish but always loved visiting aquariums and looking at fish. About a year ago I was dealing with bad depression so my boyfriend got me a small tank, some live aquatic plants and a betta in hopes that having a new hobby would help. It certainly did and now he's afraid of me becoming a crazy fishlady. Right now I'm really into south and Central American cichlids. I think it would be nice to one day have another marine tank though.

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Yep. We have a 60 gallon fresh water tank. We used to buy little Koi (2"), but they outgrow the tank . Now we have 5 goldfish. They were about an inch long when we bought em, now they are about 4" long. And we have a leopard plecostemus, and an albino pleco. Fish are cool, wish I was rich, I would have more.

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Triggerfish ate:




and a few of these


The one shrimp and a few turbo snails somehow evaded him.

It was a gorgeous tank, i wound up selling the tank, the wet/dry filter, the CF lights and the reef rock to recoup some money. Perhaps some day i'll try again when i have a spare couple grand. :p

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