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Northern California tattoo laser removal recommendation

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I have a BMW roundel on my chest that I'm wanting removed. Planning on taking a trip back home and see about getting one session or if time allows it two. Does anyone have a recommendation in Sacramento would be best but bay area is also good. I know more sessions would be best, but I can't afford prices here in Japan (about 100 per 1x1 cm) and don't go home to often. Going to cover it up so I'm not looking for total removal.

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I am not sure one session will do anything, but I had removal done at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California which is located in Sacramento. They are very expensive though. That being said the results were great and it took 6 sessions of laser (very dark tribal piece) before it was covered. My artist was really impressed with the results of the six sessions.

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I typically suggest 2-5, but this number will vary based on the size of the original tattoo and what it is you want over it. Some people are 2, some are 8.

What I'll do during a consult is suggest they start with 2-3, again depending on what they have and what the goal is, then suggest they call and schedule a 30 minute block of time with their tattoo artist to stop in and show them progress, discuss the tattoo, and then decide if more treatments are needed or if they can book the tattoo appointment.

My business runs much differently compared to med-spas, we have working relationships with dozens of tattoo shops, so depending where you go, they may not care what you want to do, they just want to treat you and kick you out the door.

Minimum two though to really see progress.

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This is in no way helpful with regard to your laser needs, but I'd never read the term "roundel" before, so I googled "BMW roundel" and found this:

BMW Roundel: Not Born From Planes - NYTimes.com

...which I thought was a cool little bit of esoteric knowledge.

Sorry for the (somewhat) off-topic post, and good luck with your removal/badass new tattoo.

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