LST newbie + new tattoo spreading?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new (clearly) to LST and also got my first tattoo last week. I've recently become very keen on tattoos and have three more that I intend on getting done within the next couple weeks. The first one was just an impulsive decision because I couldn't wait any longer until my appointments with carefully selected artists for the more elaborate tattoos I want done... can't explain it, I was just consumed by the need.

The reason I found this forum was I am worried my aftercare for my tattoo is not working properly / I think my tattoo ink is spreading and am wondering if that has to do with aftercare. The artist said to leave the bandage on for 4 hours then wash it with normal soap and then do nothing (no creams, ointments, etc) other than wear loose cloths avoid soaking in water or the sun for a couple weeks. I am worried the letter n is blending together along the bottom and I am pretty sure it didn't look like this a week ago when I got it done. Is it possible poor aftercare caused it / could I fix it? Also the tattoo is dry and flaky so I feel like I should use some lotion...

Any thoughts? I attached a photo..


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Thanks everyone for the advice; it's good to know any blending of ink is not related to a lack of lotion but rather just what the tattoo looks like at this stage in healing (which I take it is what was meant by 'chill and wait')

Also, killercook I have so many control issues :p you have no idea...

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