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So hello.

My name is Andrew, and I'm from just outside of Philadelphia. In the last few years I've gotten much more interested in tattoos, the history of tattoos, starting to really collect. As it stands, most of my tattoos are from Keith Reed at X-Treme Ink in West Chester, PA, but I've also recently scheduled an appointment with Grez at King's Avenue. I have a handful of artists on my "likely" list in the next year or so, but I have a lot of other people on a "dream" list. It seems every time I check LST I find more people I want to get tattooed by.

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I'm going to search a little bit, but perhaps someone will see here and be able to answer...

I keep trying to set a profile picture, but it keeps saying that the upload failed. The images is smaller than the required pixel limit and it's only 20kb.

Any ideas on why this may be?

Thanks in advance!

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Dream list is just a lot of the "usuals," but limited by geography and travel (and waiting lists!). Grime, Stell, Scott Sylvia, almost anyone at Spider Murphy's, etc. For the foreseeable future I wanna try and hit a lot of east coasters (Todd Noble, Josh Stephens, Brian Bruno, Smith St, Martin Lacasse, etc). Stupid mortgage eating up my tattoo money.

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