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Hey all. I'm new here on these forums. I recently had some new ink done and I'm not entirely pleased with how it turned out.

The original idea was to have the focal point be the wolf. After a lengthy discussion with the artist she convinced me to enlarge the tree for scale, as the size of the wolf called for it. This was all done at the same time, in two sessions. In total it took about 7.5 hours. Cost was about $500. She did the entire thing "free-hand".

Anyways, as I said I'm not entirely pleased with how it turned out. Too much color, wolf kinda looks like crap...I wish I would had done several separate designs and not tried to do a sleeve with this girl. She seemed confident and I went for it. I looked at all her previous work and it looked great. I feel like she didn't care a whole lot about this job.

I'm looking for ideas / suggestions on how I can fix this. What would you guys do?

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Tattoos are permanent, which I'm sure you're aware, so the limits to changing an existing piece to your liking is difficult. My suggestion? Laser it. Take suggestions from members on this forum for quality artists near you that WILL care 200%+ about your tattoo. And basically start over.

I know, I'm an asshole. Forgive me.

Welcome to LST! :)

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Going to do everything I can to avoid laser...but I hear I got screwed...i'm feeling worse and worse about this shit everyday.

Big scheme of things bud, it's not a huge deal. You've got many years and options ahead of you, so just take a deep breath and try not to sweat it too much. Glass half full is that it's easily covered by clothing until you fix it if that's what you want and you presumably have a ton of other space on your body to cover with really killer tattoos. Start diving into the art and culture and you'll be so into what you are getting next that you'll most likely forget what was bothering you in the first place.

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Cover-up? Maybe instead of the whole wolf cover it up with a wolf head. That way it shifts the focus to the wolf instead of the tree. The background doesn't look too awful. I feel like the piece would come to together better if the moon was done more realistically. But those are just my opinions.

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