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  1. Lubriderm worked a lot better when I was on the west coast. For my first tattoo ever I used Mineral oil and it's my best healed one. It's a little tough finding unscented but I put a super thin layer and that shit lasts for a very long time. Plus it makes the already healed tattoos look shiny and new :)
  2. The only time (so far) I've experienced a huge tattoo downer was with my old mentor. It's a corset lace in the inner bicep. Most people say it's pretty cool but he was making passes at me during the session, and overall being his dickhead self. So the process sucked and afterwards I'm left with this obnoxious memory. I'm hoping I can get it covered one day but it would be a miracle. Hehe
  3. I didn't want to start a new thread for my quick question. So this is the most relevant thread I can find. I got a tattoo on the front of my thigh, pretty sure its been a month now. Still at it's dry, itchy stage for a while. Just wondering if that tends to be common with that area for a lot of you. I'm not concerned, just....annoyed. :P
  4. Just sounds like you're still swollen? For me it takes a solid 3 days for that part to go away...on a decent sized piece anyway.
  5. I would think it's obvious they are lacking that ability, since passing judgment is one of those things that prevent one from reaching that goal of mindfulness. That's why art is so beautiful. There are no limitations, and should never be. Not getting something because it offends another person puts restrictions on them and myself. They will never learn and become a better person, and people can't express themselves properly to feel comfortable in their own skin. Everyone loses. And it's not actually hurting anyone.....really. They'll live.
  6. It's funny coming back to this thread now that I'm single, since my previous posts from a while ago I was in a relationship. He still does not have any tattoos, but all I know is I definitely want someone that has a major interest in it. I guess it's safe to say it's a fetish of mine, since it's a big part of my life... So the next one to come along it may have to be a requirement :) Just feels like a waste of time trying to explain this whole culture to a newbie....I think it's a big part of understanding a person on a fundamental level to begin with, and if you gotta explain it's a little draining...
  7. Really feel for her.. especially after explaining that she is a practicing Buddhist, and is well traveled. Which is part of the reason I would cover myself up pretty well visiting certain countries. Not worth being jailed for something completely innocent, but at the same time stories like this paves way for a different view on tattooed culture. Or at least helps in some ways...
  8. Netflix is super cheap anyway. What a tard.
  9. Was just going to do a walk-in. All the artists are awesome, so I don't mind whoever is available. And yea I went when I was way younger, two of my buddies got tattooed there. Super chill place. Was amazing. Cool, thanks I'll definitely take a look at his stuff when I'm there. :) He's the older senior man yea? I think he was the one that tattooed my friends. He was using like an extra magnifying glass attached to his glasses. hehe
  10. Really awesome! During my trip in Montreal I'm getting a matching tattoo with my good friend, at PSC.
  11. I was thinking of this guy when Miley Cyrus made her come-back.... Guess now I got my answer that he's still completely obsessed with her. Disturbing dedication that is. :/
  12. A friend told me about this place in Montreal. It's not as bad as most posted here, but still ridiculous. They consider themselves the best tattoo shop in the city... just wow.. Best Tattoo Designs in Montreal – 514 Ink Tattoo & Piercing
  13. Ignorance and stubbornness is never a good combination....
  14. I think you need to humble yourself first though.... Has nothing to do with confidence... - - - Updated - - - I know it's hard to hear negative feedback but you came here for information, and you're getting it.
  15. Welcome, and do you have any tattoos at all out of curiosity?
  16. Exactly! And that's why it's so hard being aware they feel this way, and still trying to be your tattooed self. heh
  17. I read every post and that was amazing. lol I'm curious if any of you had people respond by saying "It's MY body!." Whenever you tried to discuss or steer them in a better direction. I tend to hear that a lot when I tell others my experiences getting tattooed. I'm not saying anything bad at all, but when I mention "the artist just wanted to do this instead." they get so defensive.... I usually respond, "sure it's my body, but it's also their art."
  18. This is a great topic since I've been wondering the same about what others go through. I'm visiting home soon, and got a lot more covered on me this year. I didn't mention anything to them, since I came to the conclusion that it's completely unnecessary. I really don't appreciate that feeling of them having a 'hold' on me, or at least that's what italian parents make you feel like is happening. Surprisingly my mom thinks their beautiful, but yea she also wants to hear an extravagant story as to why I got a certain piece. Then somehow twists it into a negative spew once more... Conversations turn so awkward with their silent disapproval. So the only thing I can do at this point, is train my brain to not give a shit. I would say I'm 80% there.. And to just keep my own thoughts positive, and use my great attitude to keep the negativity away. Cause the last thing I need is for them *try* and make me feel guilty about these decisions. But yes it's very hard and not looking forward to it........ *sigh* - - - Updated - - - Yea I personally cover them as much as possible. It's respectful around family gatherings.
  19. Getting something done during the winter is brutal just because of the extra dry skin. Continued my leg sleeve (which coincidentally are snowflakes) aaaaaaand I'm suffering. There's not enough Lubriderm to support my sanity. :(
  20. So during my trip to SF back in October. Our first area we ended up in was Mission, and I was so inspired by the murals painted there. I took a lot of pictures and decided I wanted one of the beautiful traditional roses tattooed on my arm. We went to Oakland at Temple Tattoo, I wanted to visit this shop anyway because well....its fuckin historical. So there was only one artist there that day, Jonah. I asked if he had time for a small walk-in tattoo, and showed him the pics of the murals. Ended up being him that painted those murals! :) We definitely made each others day! So he drew up a rose while we were talking to him, fuckin awesome experience overall. Having someone with 15 years experience tattooing me was epic and especially in that shop. One of the best trips ever. I have to go back to California. <3
  21. I'm a little disappointed that Nikko Hurtado went on as a guest judge. I look up to him, and not that it changed at all since. Just made me cringe, especially since recently on his instagram he was hoping to win his art being put on 'rockstar' energy drinks. *sigh* - - - Updated - - - Yea Tattoo Age is so real, and true to the artists. No stupid shit or drama.
  22. Thanks again! That sure made me feel a ton better for missing it. Turns out it starts at 2pm on Friday anyway so it would be so ridiculous ending up in SF at 2-3am. We're making other fun pit stops, hoping to shoot some guns. And I'm definitely gonna visit around Portland, no doubt. Which is why we decided on a road trip, saving us 400$ to boot. Fuck yea, 3 more goddamn weeks to go. Been working my freakin ass off.
  23. So looks like I can actually catch the Portland Tattoo Expo. We're driving to SF, so we're going to stay in Portland overnight. Is it worth checking out? If I make that pit stop we'll arrive in SF at like midnight. So I'm a little torn. :) I wish life decisions were always this fun.
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