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Hello from the Murder Mitten


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What's up LST?! After a few weeks of being urged to join from a forum friend Ian, I finally got on.

I currently reside in the suburbs of the dirty D, Detroit Michigan.

At 14 years old, I took my fake ID, skipped swim practice and went and got my first tattoo at a flea market.

I purchased a piece of flash from

the $40 board that at the time took up my entire shoulder. Now 20 years later its a four leaf clover the size of a quarter! I tell people the guy gave me a magical shrinking tattoo and deny gaining 90lbs. But hay, that was freshman year of high school!

Anyway, I've been hooked on tattoos ever since. Being indecisive and picky as hell it took me another 15 years until that needle pierced my skin again!

Five years ago I got a half sleeve with my pec done.

One year ago I did the other side. Currently working on extending the one sleeve down from half to full, with just one more session to go. I then plan to extend the other side to the wrist as well. My only regret so far is that I didn't do it from the start.

Anyway, that's me.....short story mode.

Currently hunting for a new Japanese style artist. Spending nearly every night for the past 6 months wide awake in bed searching the net. Looking for an artist to help bring my visions to life. Looking to do a full back piece next neck to cheeks. Anyone have any recommendations near Detroit? Maybe in Chicago etc.

Thanks for having me.

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Hey thanks. Jeff actually did my right side dragon. I asked him if he would extend it down to the wrist, but apparently is no longer doing large Japanese work? He's now more into eyeballs and laser beams?

I'll look into the other guys there though!

"Eyeballs and laser beams", that made me laugh. Welcome!

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If you want to travel a bit further, you have access to Kore Flatmo in Ohio and a ton of other great tattooers in Wisconsin; including Paul Dhuey in Green Bay.

Actually I've been talking to Paul Dhuey for the past week. Seems like a super chill guy. Still looking at a 7 hour drive one way.

I've also been talking with Rodrigo Melo in NY. But I don't think that's gonna happen due to logistics.

Thanks for the input.

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