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Li'l Allstar Ink S/C video

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A great shop to visit, if anyone has the chance.

The 'stab city' thing is interesting. Limerick did (does?) have a pretty ferocious reputation for violence and your average Irish person probably does have a bit of a prejudiced view of what it's like as a city (mind you, parts of Belfast and Dublin have similarly negative reputations). I know that some people in Limerick did get pissed off that the phrase was being being propogated / bandied around, but when you hear Ross talk about it there he's clearly thought about it from a few angles and I like the way they've kind of subverted the whole thing in a light-hearted way.

I've gone down to All Star to get tattooed by guest artists a fair few times, but shockingly I've never actually been tattooed by either Ross or Paul - got to remedy that.

If anyone's interested in that kind of thing, Paul is doing some of the best tribal around these days, in my opinion. If you follow his instagram account he throws up a lot of pictures of fix-ups and repair jobs he does on older botched tribal jobs - pretty interesting. There's a big rugby scene in Limerick and they're all into the tribal, I think that's why some of the Leo Zulueta-style spiky black tribal never went out of fashion there.

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The short shot of the anchor/skull tattoo by Oliver on a forearm is actually on my fiancée. Having gone to visit her in Limerick a few times and learned about the mentality there, it is a pretty rough city, especially for how small it really is. That being said, I've enjoyed my visits there fairly well.

I've not met Ross, but the times I've been in there, Paul and Ciaran were super nice and seemed to treat everyone with respect. They have a new counter girl since then named Emma who's very nice as well. Next European tattoo trip, I'll be trying to get tattooed there, since I some how haven't yet.

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