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… This is for fighting, this is for fun.

So here is my more or less obligatory post.

I've been cruising this forum on and off for a long, long time so I guess it's about time to introduce myself anyways. Well … They call me Pikey. I'm a Norwegian collector (of sorts) and I wear a lot of black socks. (For future reference). I like skateboarding, tattoos, traveling, music, books, beer(s), mountains and so forth, and so forth. I am a man of hundred hobbies, thousand interests, a million opinions and a billion thoughts.

As mentioned above I love to travel, so that's where I spend most of my money. Like now, I will leave for Central-America again in a couple of weeks. I can't seem to find any top notch artist there, but I am thinking that at least Mexico has got to have some …

I tend to keep my likings in the directions of traditional and neo-trad.

So to start off; are there some magnificent tattoo artists in Central-America?

Also; If I make it to southern California I'm eager to drop by Phil Hatchet-Yau. Has any of you good folks here at TSL got other suggestions that might intrigue me?

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Thanks a lot for the welcoming words folks, and double thanks to Joe Shit for making me browse through links all night! :D

@Iwar; I am born and bred in Molde, where I also currently live. When it comes to tattooers worth mentioning El Monga at Aloha Tattoos (Barcelona) did a piece on my calf last year and Deno JR at Circus Tattoo (Madrid) has done a little here and there.

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..I like to travel too..do you stay in hostels,or use something like airbnb when traveling..

I forgot to answer this one, but I am definitely a hostel traveler. I love me a good hostel and some of the ones I've been to in South- and Central-America have been over the top! On the other and I have been a member on CouchSurfing since 2006 or something, but I haven't tried it yet. I need to do that if I start running out of cash and/or get to USA next spring.

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    • Hey everybody, new tattoo enthusiast here looking for a place to chat, post pics and compare and get feedback on potential ideas for new pieces etc. Churs Hmm are you only allowed one post daily or something? After this first post its not allowing me to create any new posts at all rn?
    • Hey, thanks for your input!    Here's how it's doing now. About 4 weeks now. Definetly not as bad as I thought it would, but not great either. I'll be waiting to get it fixed later in the year. Good thing is it still looks pretty good even if its pretty shit 😂 live and learn!    This guy has done a couple full arm blackouts too so I really dunno what's up.    It's hard to find someone who has much experience doing this type of work where I live.    Have connected with another artist who has also done it and has decent healed pics, and am waiting on her advice too.  Also, for fixing it, do you have to go over the whole thing again, or just the dodgy spots?    How does using different black inks affect it?    Guy wants to touch up in a month or two but yea I don't think my skin will be ready by then lol dya have an instagram I can follow? 🙂
    • just got a message by a friend who send me these thread... I'm a blackwork tattooer...and to be honest it's one of the most difficult technic, cause you have to pack it super solid in large areas, with different "soft/thick" skin...so it's not wondering I'm mostly repairing blackouts... problems like yours can arise for various reasons... could be a voltage/handspeed issue at this area(overworked/traumatized) or he had a "dirty" needle (plasma and vaseline get stuck together with pigment and fills the space between the needles) could also happen it was accidentally touched with dirty hands by a friend/animalnose, got sticked at sleeping(you can't remember)... and i could make the list way longer... WE WON'T FIND OUT ANYMORE... but in the end the crust will switch to scars... sadly there will be no way around... keep it clean and let it heal... If it does not get better in the next few days, you can get cortisone ointment from the pharmacy.   BUT! THE GOOD THING! it can be reworked once the healing is over and the scars are settled down... so you should give it minimum half a year but as i said -IT CAN BE REPAIRED!! For the next time you should consult an artist who is into blackouts    sadly can't post images, so i can't show you how your scars will be looking and how it is looks after reworking a blackout...     So here we go... the first picture will be show how a healed overworked blackout looks like...   second/third was around 3 month after reworking by me...
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