What do think of this?

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A little design i came up with "That Much Further West" also a song title by Lucero.

Prismacolors on black card! Let me know your thoughts, thanks :)

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Let me know your thoughts, thanks :)

Hey bud, next time post this in the "How about an art show" thread. It's where we keep these sorts of thoughts/musings/opinions.

And honest critique...you need to expand your tones. You need to find ways to use complimentary colors and shades/tones to create separation. Otherwise, it looks like one big blob. Keep it up though, practice and trial and error is the only way you will progress.

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I like the idea, in my opinion the lettering / font seems off. Maybe it needs an outline or something to tie it into the scroll a little more. Kind of looks tacked on.

Also curious on the size of it, maybe add a coin next to it for a visual reference.

I'm no pro artist but just my thoughts, keep at it man!



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Yeah i thought that as well, i haven't really had much experience with lettering, definitely something i need to work on! Thanks for the tips, much appreciated, and thanks for looking!


- - - Updated - - -

Thanks a lot, much appreciated for checking it out!

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    • Worrying until you are sick at your stomach and thinking about covering up an unfinished cover-up is not normal or healthy,. That level of anxiety is very worrying, and it suggests to me there is an issue. This person says they have other tattoos, but it might be one tiny one somewhere. It doesn't mean they are equipped to handle an enormous tattoo on their arm. Any attempt to cover that up again will drive this person around the twist because it will not look better. So thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I stand by my comment.
    • I agree. It looks sweet. My bet is you'll probably grow to like it. At least give yourself that chance!!
    • I did a quick search and found only a no-info website page and almost no input facebook page. The Owner's name isn't even prominent or possibly even listed, so I can't really react to historical reference artwork or ability. Not comforting here from the outside.  The example you posted could be understandable to the closely initiated, but it's too small to provide any real detail. Hopefully you're going much bigger if you're intending to add a tree or two to the mix.  The results, feel and comfort gained (or not) from your consultation is going to be paramount.   
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