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Dude, I can't see what you'd want to fix. It's different, it's huge, it's very well done. What is the problem here? Neat twist on a dragon that I personally haven't seem before. The image is clear and I just can't figure out what you don't like about it. I think you are over analyzing it. Big time.

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it looks like an origami dragon, and I mean that in a positive way.

Maybe add some traditional japanese flowers around it if you're so unhappy

but it is cool you must be over-thinking it hard

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    • I got this Filipino tribal collar/chest from Melissa Manuel at Humble Beginnings in San Jose, CA.   I feel so much more complete! This is how it was lookin'  before, after the two chest pieces from Walter McDonald.
    • i must say, this is the first "different" topic i've seen LST for a while. thanks! We can all agree that getting tattooed results in both a product and an experience. For me, the experience edges out the product, just slightly. I guess this is because I'm picking a tattooer whose product I've already vetted by viewing their portfolio of prior work... I'm going to them coz I know they do work I dig. This way, even if the experience is bad, the tattoo should be good. But if you don't already know the artist and didn't meet with them beforehand, you have no idea what their personality is like or how the experience will be. Tattooing involves a lot of exchange of energy. If you get a good piece of art that was put on with bad energy, you feel that more than skin deep and it sticks with you. Granted, if you didn't do your homework and you got a bad looking tattoo from a good person, looking at that bad tattoo could potentially bring you down. But that's more of a self reflection on you for choosing a bad artist and not due to the artist being a bad person. I feel like i'm rambling, but hopefully you get my point. 1) I've recently gotten into searching random cultural instrumentals to listen to while i work. This came after a conversation with a Jewish friend of mine... I mentioned that I listen to traditional Filipino tribal percussion and he said it's like my klezmer. I had no idea what that was, so I looked it up and BOOM... my new genre... traditional cultural instrumentals. I like having background noise that doesn't have lyrics that tend to distract me. So far, I've looked up music from Peru, Thailand, Japan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iceland, Hawaii, and Tibet. More to come! 2) I've been living in the Bay Area for almost 20yrs and have become a fan of the Warriors... but I feel like the Bay has been spoiled and didn't deserve this title. - I appreciated how the Raptors played and think Kawhi deserved it after the Zaza foul a couple yrs back. - Canada deserved it too, with all their fans sitting out the in cold! Good for them. - I'm a fan of the game. Some super interesting trades so far this off season! - I wouldn't mind Kawhi repeating with the Clips - LA vs LA is going to be MADNESS. - I hate Chris Paul and I'm glad he got traded to OKC to hopefully wither away.
    • How fresh is the tattoo? To me, it does look possibly infected, but that doesn't mean it won't heal. Take a pic daily, preferably at the same time (right after cleaning it, for eg), and compare to make sure it's not getting worse. If it gets red or hot, then see a doctor right away. I've had something similar twice - once it healed perfectly well on its own, and the other, it needed antibiotics. 
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