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ink-free... for now

Kenneth Smets

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Hi y'all,

I'm Kenneth, a 29y old Belgian bloke, and since my wife and I have had our little girl in December, it started itching very hard to get a tattoo... at last :)

As I also can't post new threads yet, here's my situation.

I'm picky. Very picky. I've been scrolling up and down search engines, tattoo artist sites, forums, etc... but I can't quite find the thing I'm looking for.

I am ok with a pencil, but not good enough (yet) to draw my own tattoos, might be because it'll be my first one

This is what i have in mind:

- Location: Inner right wrist/fore arm (not sure how big I want it yet), the angle also depends on the size

- What: "Marie", just the name in a bold, tribal/curly (but readable) style lettering. I know that's not a lot to work with, but it's a start :)

So what I'm looking for is an artist who wants to help me make a design.

If that artist is also a tattoo artist who can do the tattoo itself, I'm willing to make that commitment, however no promises before we've talked to each other of course :)

So anyone who can and wants to help me figure out a design, don't hesitate to contact me!

Up to the first tattoo!


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The best part of getting a tattoo is taking your rough, non-artist idea in, and watching it made into a piece of art. That's pretty much exactly how it happens. You speak with the artist, she draws a picture, you speak again and make changes, then she applies a stencil, you can make more changes, then you get a tattoo.

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Tattoos are a permanent thing, I worked in a chicano style shop where we would do a lot of script and actually got very good at. Its always important to think why you're getting that persons name but usually if you are committed to the idea there is very little chance that you'll change your mind. I have countless stories of people getting there boyfriend/girlfriends name and it almost always turned sour, but heck I was all about hearing that story. Another thing to keep in mind, Go big or Go home. if you get a tattoo, get it a descent size, it just looks better and it helps the tattoo do better over time

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