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Clean Palette, Not for long.


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Hey everyone,

My name is Chris and i am from sunny southern california.

i currently have no ink as of yet. but i am the process of getting

a full back suit. been thinking awhile now about this, and figured

i might as well go big or go home. and who else to do it but the

master himself, Jess Yen from MyTats in Alhambra. just recently

had my consultation and really looking forward to proceeding with

this piece. a bit nervous but more excited than anything else. from what

I've already read on here, the back seems like it has many surprises lol.

any advice or words of wisdom is greatly appreciated!

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Welcome, Chris @FMJacket !

these two threads have plenty of great advice, wisdom, and badass pieces to get you stoked...



when is the first session?! we're looking forward to the progress, if you're willing to share.

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I am starting my back in two weeks and for prep I am doing a lot of back stretches and floor exercises to get the kinks out and desensitize the muscles a little. Aftercare - do you have a friend or partner to help you?

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Welcome, this is the place!

Back is full of surprises...but being your first tattoo it will all be surprises and new sensations so you won't know any differently ;)

Hot tip for any tattoo session - bring a healthy meal to level up during the session. Get a good nights rest. Stretch beforehand. Wear warm socks. AND bring a wooden spoon to bite down on haha. Good luck :)

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@hogg i am getting samurai, i told him how i wanted it to be and the main theme.

and gave him pretty all the artistic freedom he wants lol

@jen7 yeah, for aftercare, i have my girlfriend who can apply it on my back which is convenient lol

@Cork haha yeah its always been an idea lingering in my head that i was going to get one. but didn't wanna make an impulse decision. been thinking long about who i wanted to get it from and what i wanted. funny that you mention that because my girlfriend is also getting her first tattoo from jess which is also gonna be a full body suit. we just kindve randomly came in one day to his shop and told him that, he called us crazy lol

@xcom yeah thats what I've read, i think the excitement is over powering the nervousness right now though lol

@bongsau haha thanks for the wooden spoon advice

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