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Hello! New here and need cover up advice.


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Hi all! I am now 30 years old and got my first tattoo on my 18th b-day and it has been an addiction every since. With my first tattoos I went with a local artist (the ONLY artist in my area) actually he did my first 3 at the time i though he was awesome then I met my current artist and he is AMAZING! He has done my last 4 and we are currently working on my cover up. I am having a hard time deciding though so I figured I would turn to you for help. He will be covering up one of my old tattoos (its about 8 years old) but it is big and on my forearm. I am attaching a picture of the tattoo in it current state (it has faded BAD) any advice would be great. I am in love with American Traditional and would like to go with that but dont know if it can be done. The biggest problem we are having right now is I moved out of state where my artist is and he will be in Chicago for a convention and that is where we will be doing the cover up So i really need your help! Thanks!

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