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The app (The Brag Art List) is now live and started to mass market it :)

I fixed all the conventions now so they are all the future ones.

I will be adding traditional, blackwork etc artists in future updates as I have been concentrating on trying to research those and have loads to add but it all takes so much time :)

Please share the apps and would be much appreciated if you could ask people you know to leave 5 star rating and some positive feedback on the apps market place page, this helps with it to climb in searches :)

All Links Below,

Link to app on iOS (Apple) –

Link to app on Android –…

Landing Page - The Bragartlist

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter -

Google+ -

Hope you like my efforts, for starters :)

Thanks a lot :)

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Thanks guys :)

Yes I will be regualry checking and updating the database to make sure its accurate but atm just too busy with other stuff to do with the app but will slowly get there. Helps when people also tell me, so thanks for the heads up, will change it now I know.:)


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