Charlie Sheen Brands Face with Eye of the Tiger

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In a pathetic attempt to hold onto his 15 minutes, Charlie Sheen has put his tiger blood where his mouth is… or rather, his whole face. Yes, the Two and a Half Men star tattooed the top half of his face with tiger stripes, killing any hopes of ever coming back to his multi-million dollar an episode CBS series or any show for that matter.

For those of you who have been avoiding the Charlie Sheen media circus, here’s a little background. Back in late February Sheen skipped out on AA, announcing on the Alex Jones radio show that he was cured. “‘Newsflash, I’m special,” he said. “The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning. My success rate is 100%.” He then began a series of public insults aimed at his Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre, calling him a “turd” and a “contaminated little maggot.” Needless to say, production on the show was halted. Sheen’s strange behavior led to speculation that he was back on the drugs, causing news media to happily take a break from the unrest in Egypt to placate the actor with a series of interviews.

During a one hour 20/20 special, he told the ABC reporter he survived “bangin’ seven-gram rocks and finishing them because that’s how I roll, because I have one speed, one gear. … I’m different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man.”

As if to prove that he truly does have tiger blood running through his veins, Sheen decided early this week to make it official, getting actual tiger stripes tattooed on the top half of his face (I think Jocelyn Wildenstein just went into heat). This is one of many tattoos the actor has gotten since this entire debacle – first some ink inspired by his father’s film Apocalypse Now and then a wrist tattoo with one of his favorite catchphrases, “winning” .

Rumor has it, this latest tattoo is one of a series of publicity stunts to promote the actor’s upcoming Tiger Blood energy drink. The first came when Sheen was seen on top of a building rooftop waving a machete and drinking out of a bottle labeled “Tiger Blood” after he was officially sacked from Two and a Half Men. He’s also advertised for a Tiger Blood Intern.

Sheen told photographers, who shot the actor soon after the work was done, that he was inspired by fans who had gotten their own ink to commemorate his obvious connection with the big cats .

Now this is the part I’m having a hard time believing (I know, it’s all very hard to believe, but this takes the cake). Sheen claims actual tiger blood was used in the ink pricked into his skin. I really hope he’s lying about that one. It’s bad enough that traditional Chinese medicine claims tiger penis helps with impotency. We don’t need a bunch of tards killing these beautiful creatures to get tattoos.

Image: TMZ

this is an april fools joke, but i'm posting it none-the-less because in some ways, i wouldn't put it past him.

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    • HE'S GOT THE BUUUUUUUGGGG!!! 😁 @minisoda not sure if you've let us know who the artist is yet, but feel free to share! check out their prior work and see what they're into. if they usually do traditional colors, they might prefer to stick to that aesthetic. if they do some crazy shit, they might be open to new ideas.  i think adding an olive branch in an open talon would look a bit strange. during your next shading and color session, bounce your addition and background ideas off your artist and see what they think. in the end, you're wearing it and they're doing it, so your two opinions count way more than us shmucks.🤓
    • If it is scarring what else could it be? Could it be that the ink is too thick ??
    • Laser removal is not an eraser. You'd still faintly see the tattoo. If it is scarring, then yes, you'd still see the scar, too.
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