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Hello guys from Southeastern Europe

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Hi guys, i'm 21 years old male and i'm long time lurker on this and few others sites with galeries.

For a long time i want a tattoo, finaly i saved enough money. I did research about local tattoo artist and found one that i like. Thing is i know what i want tattoo to represent, but not what to get ( if you know what i mean).
I want something that represent going against the flow. Only thing i found is Koi, but a lot of people have that so i would like something else. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I will put it on the back, and probably is going to be medium size. 

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On 8/5/2016 at 9:49 PM, SStu said:

Send us a link to your intended artist. Let's see what style you're looking at  . . .

I didn't decide yet for sure, but one of this two"

First one is from my city, second isn't (8 hours driving to him), but i intend to visit that city anyway with friends, so he is also a option.

I'm loking for black and gray tattoo, something in this style CQQ-jWJUAAAf2lu.jpg 

I will put it nn the upper back (near right shoulder blade). .

I have idea for design, but will wait and see with artist advices.


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