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Marked in Ink: A Tattoo Coloring Book - Megan Massacre

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Just picked up my copy of Marked in Ink: A Tattoo Coloring Book

On the back of the book it reads "Tattoo artist Megan Massacre invites adult coloring book fans into her whimsical world of sugar skulls, sailing ships, mermaids, owls, and more. Now you can add your own bold, vibrant colors to her signature edgy and artistic tattoo designs--and tear each perforated page out for display!"

About the Author (from the book)
"MEGAN MASSACRE is a tattoo artist, model, and reality TV star of TLC's NY Ink and tattoo cover-up series America's Worst Tattoos. Best known for her incredible attention to detail and vibrant use of color, Megan’s artwork has been exhibited at galleries both inside and outside of the tattoo world. Megan resides in New York, where she is a partner at Grit N Glory, the city's first rock ’n’ roll lifestyle boutique and tattoo studio. She enjoys traveling the world and hiking, and she is always aspiring to find that new, great challenge.

Megan Massacre's Marked In Ink Coloring book features 40 tattoo inspired hand drawn images from the artist Megan Massacre, if you like her work then this is a good buckshot collection of it. .  Each page is one-sided, heavy stock paper to help prevent the bleed through of ink and suitable markers pens, colored pencils and crayons.. what have you.  Each page has a perforated edge for easy removal if desired which is nice feature to keep the rest of your book binding in one piece otherwise.

I am happy to see actual Tattooers doing tattoo coloring books, because the non-tattooer coloring books are generally awful, badly drawn collections of trendy images. There is a whole section of the bookstore now devoted to these adult coloring books on various themes, but the usually the artists they pick to do them are probably family or something, do not know how they go the job otherwise.

Anyway just picked it up yesterday, read a review in INKED about it and found a copy at the local books store, wanted to say congratulations on it!!! Way to go Megan for putting this out there.





Did you see this book or have a copy and what do you think?

I can see a coloring book contest being integrated into tattoo conventions in the future, lol.

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Hi Charles, hope you're doing well. I notice that you are new to this forum and are quite keen in posting. I'm not too sure what you're working towards though. Several of your new threads seem to have a commercial vibe to them, are you hoping to sell us something? If so we have a forum group for that, but I believe you are supposed to try to keep those posts to a minimum.

You seem to be really into tattoos, so perhaps you should look around and contribute to some of the ongoing or older discussions, enlighten us with some opinions and knowledge. Maybe cool it off on these drawing books and colouring books by tattooers for tattooers messages, we get it.



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Thank you for that Sam, I appreciate your input, I have spent the last few months researching, designing and publishing Reference books for Tattooers, I am quite current on the subject and if it is coming through, I am not surprised (it is part of me). I am taking a little break from that and deciding to participate in this forum, I think that perspective can be an asset to the group. As you can see by my posts, I am adding advice as I think it can be an addition to the threads, not just for the sake of posting. It is a holiday weekend here, so I have some time to post right now. Since you are posting publicly and not PMing me I must reply publicly. Please, everyone, know my intentions are sincere and I look forward to a long relationship with this forum's virtual inhabitants.      

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Getting an autographed version of a published tattoo related book makes it a collector's item and pushes legitimacy in the direction of tattoo. As tattoo grows up from the carny culture from 100 years ago (the good with the bad), and swings into a recognizable legitimate art form (which is legitimate to those who appreciate it anyway), more artistically accomplished artists pick up machines and current artists are challenged in meaningful ways to push boundaries and remain current. Healthy competition stirs creativity and where it goes nobody knows until we are there. Art is only limited to the creator's imaginations. As tattooing swings into its new phase, tattooers who are now accomplished and awesome, will be recognized for what they are anyway and appreciated by a broader audience. To me it is just sad that non tattooed people have a built in bias to dismiss the accomplishments of an artist if that artist is Tattooing (obviously not members of this forum). Take same art and stick on wall, then the bias is removed somehow and they can actually look at it. Otherwise, mention art, then tattoo and eyes glaze over, and dismissal ensues by general population.

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