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Soooo, after having lurked around for a while and posting some comments in other topics, I guess I'll make a proper introduction.

I'm an aspiring apprentice from the Netherlands, 26. Before you all get your balls in a twist: I'm not here to find an apprenticeship or get information on what tattoo machine is the best buy for ruining someone's life. I haven't ever touched a tattoo machine and won't before my future teacher says I'm ready. I know that's somewhat of a taboo around here (and rightfully so), so I just had to get that out of the way. I might post some of the art I make for my portfolio in the 'Art Show' topic, as I already have, but that's it. If you are really interested in my drawings you can also look me up on instagram under the same name as I use here. (@exiny)

I consider myself, as most of you do, a 'collector'. Got my first shitty tattoo during the emo-age at 14, wich I have covered now. Working to someday achieve a full (neo-traditional) body suit. I'm still ways away from reaching that goal though. So far only my left arm and chest is done. I got an appointment to start my right sleeve the 4th of februari. I mostly read LST at work when I have some spare time. I love tattoos. I love reading about tattoos, I love looking at tattoos and I love talking about tattoos. Tattoos.
Any questions, just ask :)

Also, here are some of my tattoos (done by Theo Zinas) :





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