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Soooo, after having lurked around for a while and posting some comments in other topics, I guess I'll make a proper introduction.

I'm an aspiring apprentice from the Netherlands, 26. Before you all get your balls in a twist: I'm not here to find an apprenticeship or get information on what tattoo machine is the best buy for ruining someone's life. I haven't ever touched a tattoo machine and won't before my future teacher says I'm ready. I know that's somewhat of a taboo around here (and rightfully so), so I just had to get that out of the way. I might post some of the art I make for my portfolio in the 'Art Show' topic, as I already have, but that's it. If you are really interested in my drawings you can also look me up on instagram under the same name as I use here. (@exiny)

I consider myself, as most of you do, a 'collector'. Got my first shitty tattoo during the emo-age at 14, wich I have covered now. Working to someday achieve a full (neo-traditional) body suit. I'm still ways away from reaching that goal though. So far only my left arm and chest is done. I got an appointment to start my right sleeve the 4th of februari. I mostly read LST at work when I have some spare time. I love tattoos. I love reading about tattoos, I love looking at tattoos and I love talking about tattoos. Tattoos.
Any questions, just ask :)

Also, here are some of my tattoos (done by Theo Zinas) :





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    • Hi all.  Looking for some advice here.  I'm attending an upcoming 3 day tattoo convention and was thinking about getting tattooed each day.  My dilemma would be about the healing process.  Basically I'm curious if anyone has done this before and how they healed.  I know the go-to answer will be Saniderm/Tegaderm, but I have used that stuff a few times and even though I healed fine, something about covering my tattoo with a sticky bandage just makes me paranoid something will get trapped in there.  I end up not liking it because I spend too much time worrying.  But on the other hand, if I just use the soap & aquaphor method, I'm afraid that won't be any good because I'll be around a lot of people and I'll be getting another tattoo in the same area (all 3 would be on my legs).  I'm worried about the tattoo being exposed or possibly infected, or just not heal well because of everything going on.  Thanks for reading this far and I appreciate any advice that is offered.
    • I'll be there.  Hopefully all 3 days, but we'll see what happens.
    • @Oiocha  So excited for you!
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