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Hello fellow artists and tattoo enthusiasts :)  Guess it's proper form to say hello and introduce myself to the board before jumping in with questions and adding my two bits here and there...irregardless of the fact that I always find it an awkward thing to start off a conversation by talking about myself (lol).  Kind of a strange custom when I think about it.  Ah well, here goes ...

Got tattoo fever about fifteen years ago while I was living out in the midst of nowhere, and being the impatient and stubborn mule that I am, rather than wait for an opportunity to go to a tattoo studio, I picked up a needle and did a poke and stick on myself with livestock tattoo ink, in the palm of my hand (of all places).  Turned out well enough, considering.  A few years later I had a couple of tats done by "artists" in two different shops and learned the hard way that just because someone works in a shop and has a decent portfolio does not make them good at what they do...

A few years later brings me to "now".  Sadly, NOW, I don't trust anyone to do my tattoos - happily though, I am an experiencd artist myself.  Recently I bought all the equipment I needed to start out in the art myself on myself. I did a considerable amount of research on the process', techniques, equipement etc, and have taken the plunge.  I must say I am quite happy with the results so far and am enjoying the experience tremendously!   

Being so immersed in the art presently I thought it would be nice to meet and chat with those who share my interests, get some feedback on my works as they come along, and add to my education.

That's pretty much me here and now.  Nice ta meet y'all ...  :)

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Thank you Hands On, I appreciate the welcome! :)

Friday I tried out my machine on myself for the first time.  I have an old yin yang in my palm that I'm not truly happy with ... rather than do a simple touch up I decided to make it the belly of an owl. Started itching today bigtime ... but might take a while to heal fully considering the placement. 

Saturday I started working on an Alice in Wonderland themed half sleeve cover-up ... inked the outlines for the rabbit and the Cheshire ... once healed I will add the shading and color and might just post it here at that point for some feedback. Very possible that the partial sleeve will be healed and posted before the palm one ... we'll see. :)

Wish me luck with smooth shading and consistent color ...  Makes me nervous just thinking about it!   

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