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Should I add watercolour to my new tattoo?

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Just got a new tattoo 3 days ago. When I'd originally explained my idea to the artist, I said I'd like to have watercolour, to which he responded it would look best "behind" the heart. But when he did my tattoo, he said it was up to me obviously, but he thought the watercolour would take the attention away from the very detailed cathedral and wheel inside the heart. What do you all think?

wien tattoo.jpg

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The tattoo is already very busy for a small area. If you start adding non-sensical crap in behind the tattoo it will not age nicely and look like a faded colour blob. It will draw the eye away from the text-heart-cathedral-ferriswheel-flowers...see already lots going on.

If you ~really really~ want a super cool watercolour tattoo, get a separate tattoo and go with the watercolour style. But I would suggest you first search the forum for others opinions on that particular style of tattoo and why it has many critics.

I've seen maybe 1 watercolour tattoo out of hundreds that was done well and looked like a proper tattoo. And it's only because the tattooer was smart enough to put in a proper full outline. But hey I got my tattoos and you can get whatever you want for yours :)

My $0.02

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I don't see that realistic image in the heart being "compatible" with watercolor.  Do some google research of watercolor tattoos with outlines to see how such tattoos have come out.  Generally in such instances the watercolor would be outside the detailed line work you have, as your artist said ... but in this case I cannot envision even that... mayyyyybe around the flower ... big maybe.  

A watercolor tattoo elsewhere on your body might be the way to go. Your artist will design your idea with watercolor in mind ...rather than trying to add watercolor as an afterthought.

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