First visible tattoo. Pics>

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    • One day, one step, one breath at a time. First, everyone has something...not to minimize your situation but rather to say that you are not alone. Get the breakouts under control then go forth! Another idea is  look for a shop that has private rooms instead of a big open floor. Also, most shops have privacy screens.  For me, I have really bad cellulite. It's really embarrassing for me anytime I get my lower body worked on. Tell my that I wasn't mortified when an artist tagged me in a photo on IG that showed all of my cellulite and saggy butt for the world to see. I know that the world judges...however, there isn't a damn thing that I can do about my aging body. This is the real world, screw the photoshop version of the world!
    • Thank you!  I'm just thinking about sitting there while the tattoo artist is tattooing me and just judging me but yeah even if the do I need to get over it if its something that I think will help me feel more confident. I'm 31 and need to start feeling better about self. I know it will be expensive to get whole back done but I think it will be worth it long run. I have alot of scar bumps but I need to get my break outs under control cause some of them can be bad. Like I said I appreciate all of you who comment.
    • that looks normal,the redness looks like bruising from removing and reapplying the saniderm,that happens to me too,especially on my legs. the white part is probably your skin looking funny from under the saniderm with the liquid,that should go away, now the rash & the pain I'm not sure about,I have not gotten a rash, go see your doctor ?!?! and I have found that the plazma will ooze out more on color tattoos than B&G, try  removing it and cleaning and reapplying it one more time,if it keeps oozing then leave the saniderm off at that point and use cocoa butter or aquafor very lightly.
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