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Hey Peeps - I got the original tatoo 5 years ago and just recently added the new pieces however it now feels disjointed keen for feedback on how to make it all tie together.. 






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Well, you've got 3 different styles trying to tie together on 1 shoulder. It's dark enough that you probably can't really manipulate that space (without covering it with all black and adding white design), so my guess is you'll need to add significantly around it. And while that ink appears to have been put in there thoroughly, I'd spend some time finding someone with more of an artistic eye for the approach, too. 

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I would tie it all together once you're done adding chunks and whatnot to it by making one cohesive addition to the gaps in between each section, and around the perimeter of the tattoo where needed, with one or two variants of a gray wash... 

Tie the room all together, but remember: too many accessories will ruin an outfit, so don't go adding baby foot prints or something completely off key with what ya got going on already.



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