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Excessive sweating with fresh tattoo help

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Hello I’m new to the last sparrow and need some help. I work outside in the heat and I got my first tattoo three days ago on my upper back  and without thinking about it the past two days I’ve been working in the heat all day with a sweat drenched shirt on I plan on bringing extra shirts to work from now on but could these past two day have an effect on the healing of my tattoo and what it will look like when it’s done healing?

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Your sweat shouldn't really affect things much. Important that whatever you're doing outside doesn't include lots of dust, dirt or grime which might soak through your shirt and into the wound between cleanings. 

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Sweating, specially in the early days of a fresh tattoo is good for you, just you need to keep the salt off- which means you should probably wash it more often (and put on a clean shirt).

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