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The beat artist for this back piece

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How is everyone doing? 

In about a year and a half from now I am planning on getting tattooed the following sketch (pictures down below) and I went through so many very talented artists from all over the world but I can't get to a point where I am convinced who of them would be the perfect artist for this specific piece.

So the question is this: lets say money isn't playing a role here and that all artists around the world can possibly be chosen, who do you think would be the best for that piece? 

After a long time searching I have came to the list below (you don't necessarily have to choose someone of the list):

Rob Richardson
Josh Sara
Dario Castillo
Dylan Weber
Miguel Bohigues
Arlo Dicristina
Chehomova Dasha
Thomas Carli 
Matias Noble
Kir tattoo
Dmitry Perunov
Sile Sanda


Huge thanks and appreciation to all repliesrs!




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I am aware that my question is really tough to me answerd xD. 

After a lot of time going through their works I have cam down to my top 7:

Rob Richardson
Josh Sara
Dario Castillo
Dylan Weber
Arlo Dicristina
Chehomova Dasha
Matias Noble

I hope that will help any of your guys answer and I'll thank and appreciate any reply.

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Alright, so I have decided to help you guys being helpful for me and seeing some works from some of the greatest artis as I see it.

Adding link to the Instagram pages of the artists in my "top 7" list and in the same order uploading here one picture of each artist that I have choose as "one of their best"

Lastly I will say that if I will be having this piece done by Dasha or Arlo it will be more alive and colorful so just take that in mind.

Rob: https://instagram.com/robrichtattoo?igshid=1113te1c444vc

Josh: https://instagram.com/josh_sara_?igshid=1ns7hfefj8mpc

Dario: https://instagram.com/castillo.dario?igshid=11xn45hlgefd8

Dylan: https://instagram.com/dylanwebertattoos?igshid=134il6l2l4e79

Arlo: https://instagram.com/arlotattoos?igshid=npgczx1ba8mo

Dasha: https://instagram.com/chehomova_dasha?igshid=939dcst5hdj7

Matias: https://instagram.com/matiasnobletattoo?igshid=1dll3xazo6int

And again, huge thanks to all repliers!









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37 minutes ago, SStu said:

To me - Rob, Josh and Arlo each had the most impressive and instantly readable from that group of examples. 

Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it and agree with you that the three of them are mental artists on this specific type of art.

I am pretty sure it is the easiest for me dropping Matias and Dasha out of my list so 5 left, it's getting somewhere! xD

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