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Is my tattoo healing well?


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I’m not sure I’m posting this in the right place seeing as I’ve never used this website before so I apologize in advance. I got my first tattoo on my forearm 8 days ago, I used bepanthene for 4 days, when it started pealing I switched to a fragrance free lotion. I just want to make sure it’s healing well because it’s my first tattoo so I’m fixating on every detail because I’m nervous. I think I see some minor blowout near the leaves and I guess I’m just worried it might get worse. I’d appreciate any opinion and advice please! Thank you.





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Just now, Hogrider said:

You won't know what it's going to look like for 4-6 weeks. Also, thin lines on delicate skin are prone to blowout. There's no such thing as a perfect tattoo; if you look hard enough you'll find something wrong with every tattoo. Put away the magnifying glass and enjoy your tattoo.

alright, thank you so much.

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