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Tattoo burning after applying lotion?

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Hello, everyone!

Just got a big forearm piece on the 6th of June.

Its beginning to scab, flake. Everytime I apply lotion to it (I use Lubriderm Advance Therapy), my tattoo burns. 

Is this a bad thing, or is my tattoo just sensitive since it's still fresh? I was using Lubriderm because a lot of people recommended it for tattoos.

Thanks everyone!

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you might also try products without lanolin, which is a wool-derived product found in most moisterizers. I use Cetaphil because it doesn't have lanolin.


but as @Gingerninja said, make sure not to use the like, advanced formula stuff

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    • So I may add more detail to the face at some point. Just to make myself more comfortable. I appreciate the help. I know that in time I will get used to it being on my skin. Something along these lines in detail. I guess to me it looks more cartoon than traditional Japanese like I had in mind. I’m moving to Philadelphia and I know there must be good artists there. 
    • I wouldn’t recommend having your first tattoo experience be on your back down your spine. That being said, welcome! Do your research on an artist that has done similar work to what you want. Show them some references and don’t rush the process. Try to think about your future plans too and where this tattoo will fit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Looks good to me 🙂
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