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Tattoo causing panic attacks?


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I got my first tattoo a few months ago, a wolf paw print on my inner wrist that has a hell of a lot of meaning. Since then, I’ve gotten three other tattoos, one of which is a set of three moons over that paw print. The initial tattoo I absolutely loved and used as a coping mechanism, and now that there’s an addition to it I don’t particularly like. I’m not interested in covering it up or getting it removed because they both have meaning, I just need ideas to unify the two tattoos and make them into something I love again. Help! 



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Trying to add stuff to 2 separate tattoos in an attempt to unify it and make you feel better about it is probably not gonna help.

Once you add, you can't take away. If you hate it afterwards, the only solution left would be a HUGE coverup.

Sometimes, tattoos just take some time to grow on you. If it doesn't, you can also try to link the tattoos together in your mind by assigning some form of significance to the combination.

Elsewise, do some research, work with an artist and find a design that can incorporate both tattoos and which you can live with.

If all else fails, do what @oboogie said and just drown them in a sea of tattoos.

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