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Hello, from SF bay area

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New here, so wanted to say hello. looks like there are a lot of cool people here, good topics being discussed, and good info to be found here. i probably won't post much up since most people here are more experienced in tattoo than i am, for now i'm just here to absorb more knowledge. about myself, i grew up in the California Bay Area in the 80s and 90s, traveled around abroad for school and work during the past 10 years, and now i am back in Bay Area again. it's just one of my favorite places in the world (even though its changed a lot), and a lot of cool things going on in the world of tattoo around here. i hope to expand my knowledge of tattoos and artists, and collect some nice tattoos along the way. anyway, i'm booking an appointment soon for a chest piece i want done this summer. also plan on checking out Horitaka's San Jose/Bay Area tattoo convention in Oct. i've never been to a tattoo convention and i'm pretty excited about it even though it's still several months away.


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thanks for all the welcomes!


I had this design in my mind that I would love Cris Cleen to do for me, but i've decided it would look better on my arm instead of chest.


it's going to be amazing, try to make it out! it's all weekend long and tons of talent will be there.

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