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Colored upper body black and grey lower body?

Colored against black and grey bodysuit  

  1. 1. Realistic and surrealistic bodysuit - where colored where black and grey?

    • Stick with only colored
    • Whole upper body colored; legs black and grey
    • Right sleeve, left leg, back and butt colored; left sleeve, right leg, chest and stomach black and grey

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Hey everyone!

I have missed this forum so bad, how is everybody? I was traveling the past year and just came back home because of all the craziness going on around the whole world.

So the thing is that, I have came to the decision that my big goal is getting a full bodysuit tattoo, keeping my tattoos style Realistic and surrealistic for the whole body.

The thing is I am not sure either I wanna stick with only colored tattoos like the ones I have now which I really love (one full colored sleeve and soon getting a colored back piece) or starting to also get black and grey tattoos cus I am not sure whether I'll really like it that much if the whole bodysuit be colored.

So the question is that, what do you guys think would look the best taking in mind it's only realistic and surrealistic style:

1. All body colored

2. Upper body colored lower body black and grey

3. Right sleeve, left leg, back and butt colored left sleeve, right leg, chest and stomach black and grey

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1 hour ago, Hogrider said:

I'd go all color. As a matter of fact, I am going all color. I was working on my left  leg and chest when this all hit. I have to finish that, then my ass (ouch) then I'm done.

Damn, nice man! Closer than ever!

Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it!

I love color better but a little worried I'll eventually look like a rainbow 😂 lmao

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