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I'm not sure why I can't post in tattoo advice I'm having trouble figuring it out.. my names india and I'm 22 years old, I'm just beginning tattooing and need some advice. Ill copy and paste what I had ment for tatto advice forum anyways 

Hello, I could really use some help figuring out what rotary pen machine i should get. I'm new to tattooing, I've been currently practicing on fake skin with my cheap coil machine kit a friend gotten me awhile ago. I've also done one tattoo on myself so far that didn't turn out to bad.. but im ready to invest in a new machine that is of better quality. For just starting out,  and to get the feel of whether or not im forsure even going to like it and really get into it,, id like to start off with cheaper machines,  so for now let me know of any machines that are around the $200-$300 range or cheaper of course. I am looking for  durability,  I want something that is going to last awhile and not have to be replaced for quite awhile,  good for a beginner,  able to be run wirelessly, and able to pull out quality pieces. I'd like a machine that's capable of both laying lines and packing color. I've been researching so much it just makes my head hurt. I'd like to hear what others have personally used and what worked for you and what you thought was a good experience to use. I've been looking at many different machines alot of people have recommended cnc q3 to me recently on a Fb group I'm in. I've also been eyeing up these machines ill post photos of below,  but they aren't name brand and it worries me. I've been looking for strictly Swiss motors and all are said to be. Do you guys know anything about these machines? Can off brand be good? Or should I stick with the name brands? What machines can you guys recommend me?(: I'm curious to know, please give me the best of the best in the price range for what it's worth! Thank you all who take the time to read this and give advice,  its so much appreciated. Much love everyone!









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