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HELP is my scabbing a sign of infection?


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I recently completed my half sleeve about 7 days ago. My artist cleaned and wrapped my arm and told me to remove the wrap and clean it, I realized the soap I was using contained fragrance (I know that’s bad) and I had a reaction to aquaphor, so I swapped to Tattoo Goo, and it’s been amazing! My only concern is that  I have some scabs that seem to be a yellowish/clear color. No oozing, pain, redness, fever, or anything like that but the scabs look pretty bad. Could this be infected or just a way it’s healing? I have 2 tattoos but this is the largest one I have gotten and it took 4 hours. I contacted my artist and she said she will do a touch up once it’s healed if needed. I work in a Veterinary hospital so I’m always concerned for infection even though I clean and moisturize my whole tattoo 3 times a day. 
(I did have a scab fall off that is pictured my 1 year old rubbed his head on it and it fell off with no bleeding or oozing)



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Thank you! Working with animals I have been stressing over my new tattoo being infected, I know I’ll probably need a touch up since I had bubbling that led to the scabs, and that won’t be an issue my artist already knows about that. I just didn’t want to completely ruin my tattoo with an infection. 

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