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Jeff Cribb Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Jeff Cribb is a great man. One of those men you have undying respect for. He is honest, loyal and most of all humble. My experiences with him all started and until recently have all been at tattoo conventions. There are a handful of people I am always looking forward to seeing at conventions, Jeff is one and Beppe is another. So when I get to see him it’s a great gift. The laughs are endless and the moments of serious talk are equal in magnitude.

I have two kids but when I had just my boy I had an American Bulldog named Stella, which I loved though she was never that keen with kids. At the time when I got her I had no idea I would even have a relationship good enough to have kids. So a dog that didn’t do well with kids was fine....until along came Henry. She was fine til he started to crawl and then you could just see the tension in her when he would be near her. It was like she was afraid of a 20-pound kid. It slowly escalated to a point where she nipped at him then they had to be kept separate when food was around. As he got older she just didn’t get any better like I had hoped she would get used to him or something, however, I was just asking too much from her. The day came when she went nuts on him as he walked up to the crate to let her out for breakfast, same as every day. Though that day was not everyday. Jeff was the only person I trusted to call who I knew would understand that I loved my dog but loved my kid more. His reply was send her out I’ll take care of it. Kindly, he walked me through the process of shipping a dog cross-country and he still to this day has her. She has gotten old and I see pictures of her every now and then and am glad that someone could help in such a shitty predicament and gratefully it was Jeff.

Jeff recently made a trip out to California to work at our shop while I was in Long Beach. I hated the fact that everyone was hanging out with him at home and I was juggling retards with pompadours. Thankfully he extended his stay a few days so I got to get in some quality time with him and that is when we did this interview.

The setting for the interview was just there, the flag was still hanging from an interview with Tim Lehi for a magazine and there just happened to be a shotgun on the couch. Swear to god it was sitting there! So when the guys at the shop heard I was going to interview him Nick Rodin and his faithful sidekick Cody Miller decided they were going to side bust the interview. Lets just say they had been sipping and toking and make a great tag team for any train of thought.

I think the interview turned out great, serious in the beginning and a fucking jackass festival by the end. Our shop will forever be grateful for having him work with us and we are better for knowing him for he is an inspiration of a man and a fucking great tattooer by the way. I guess I really want to celebrate the person as much as their craft. I believe they are one and should be judged and treated accordingly. Jeff comes through shining. I hope you find him as great as I do.

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Enjoyed the interview. Thought it ironic that while watching I kept getting pop ups on the screen advertising $99.95 start up kits. Just can't get away from junk culture, even in a place as cool as this. Oh well!

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He seems like a real fun dude...But what was up with those drunk degenerates in the background interrupting the interview.It was funny when you were talking about why he doesn't fly,and he said he's not scared,and that when your time is up it's up.And one of the dudes said what about if it's the pilots time to go.

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really cool guy and fun interview.

I was not familar with his name but ironically had seen his portfolio online. Definetly a down to earth and ginuine dude.

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Being stuck in the UK, I've yet to make it to the US - but when I do, I will definitely look this guy up and go and get tattooed by him. Very inspirational guy, thank you Scott :)

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