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Oliver Peck Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Oliver peck is somewhere between an absolute sociopath and a carnie. If you are hanging out with him you are either having the time of your life or risking your life. He is very loud and is generally the center of attention and people love him or hate him. I think that is a pretty great place to be. It cuts out all the fake ass friends we all don’t need.

I have spent endless days with this man and I am one of those people who love him. We have traveled around the word together. Rode motorcycles cross-country together with three of us sharing a two-man tent in Nashville, which is not pretty by the way. I first started hanging out with him when I worked at 222, he would always come up with Eric Maaske. Oliver is a true Texan in all his ways from Cadillac’s to barbeques to the man, I’m serious....not much anyhow. He is tattooed from head to toe.

I do believe he is going to be on a TV show that is rumored to have Dave Navarro as a tattoo expert. What the fuck is this world coming to? Oliver has been around the tattoo TV thing due to his marriage to Kat. I am not sure what the hell it is about but at least one of the people is really crazy and not just acting like it for TV, haha.

I did this interview while at the Long Beach Convention which I think wins for the longest one. We started at 2am and like 10 minutes into it the batteries die, fuck! I use a flip camera for the interviews so off to 7/11 for batteries I went needless to say it is late. When we get started again I’m with Cody Miller who this time is not that fucked up while we pop off questions.

I love the detailed description of his first tattoo equipment and the absolute ignorance that came along with it. This is the tamest I have ever seen him, I promise to do just a video of him telling one story so all the people can see how he really acts. We are brothers on many levels and I am glad to have him as a friend.

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Every time a new interview comes up its my new favorite one..... but this one was great. I liked the length of it, and just being able to go off and explore some subjects that other wise wouldn't be allowed by the prior hour long interview. aaaannnndddd the creek shoes, could just be the part of California that I grew up in and the friends that I had, but we all had those old beat up pair of shoes to go to the river (feather river) in, ahh good times.

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The first time I met Oliver I was so irritated with that little fucker. It didn't take long before I started liking him, and then growing to absolutely love this man. He is always the funniest man in the room(also the loudest) and can make you feel good about just being alive. Bless you Oliver and thank you Scott for another good interview once again.

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This has got to be the best one yet! Oliver has always been super nice to me and has been a good friend to my man and many others I know. Hearing this interview was really neat because I previously didn't know anything about his tattoo history or what was up with the red shoes, now I do and it all makes a little more sense!

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Thank you for doing this.This may very well be the greatest interview ever. I was fortunate enough to be around Oliver a few years ago and listen to some great stories.

Thanks again.


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when i met him at the london convention 2 years ago,

some artists and friends of my girlfriend went out to dinner

i saw his little cutlery velvet bag he had with him.. it was red of course haha

he told me that he never touches the cutlery from the restaruant,

he washed the knife n fork in a glass of water after he he was done and dropped them in to the pouch.. haha awsome

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Oliver Peck is about the only artist I'd travel to get work from, but this video sealed the deal for me, just to hear some of his stories. :D

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The funny thing is that I used to deliver to the Cafe Brazil next to his shop for a year and always wanted to stop in and get a Tat but never did, Also didn't know he was an owner, my lost lol.

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