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    I know you don't like it, but I'd leave it. You are in a hurry to get it fixed which is a recipe for disaster. You are about 95% more likely to make it worse than better by rushing to get this done. You've already tried to fix it once and you're still not happy with it. My advice is leave and when you come back TAKE YOUR TIME. I've heard tons of stories from people that were in a hurry to get a tattoo, or cover up a tattoo, or fix a tattoo and made it exponentially worse.
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    Tatt advice

    Again not beating up on the OP because I don't know him or what he thinks, BUT I think there are a lot of people that think you can just laser a tattoo off and the skin will look like new, or that you can cover any mess of a schitty tattoo with no trace.
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    Hi!! I have these bumps on my skin too, not on my tattoo but they're kind of all over the place. They're not itchy and don't hurt but they're just there, it most likely has nothing to do with the tattoo! They'll come and go, just continue to moisturize and drink lots of water.
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    Tegaderm/Saniderm/Tatuderm healing process

    Sometimes the heat can just be the tattoo, some places it radiates heat more than others... red is normal also, after all your skins just been pierced millions of times with a needle and it’s fighting to heal. Where is the tattoo? I found my elbow was swollen, red and radiated HUGE amounts of heat for like a week. It sucked. When I finished the rest of my sleeve, there were only sections that stayed warm for probably 3 days and then started to ease off. I used tegaderm for my sleeve (two sessions).. I had a reaction to the tegaderm with the first session, left it on for two days and had to remove it because I started getting a rash around the ink and adhesive... it’s important to remember heat, inflammation etc on tattoos is pretty normal for the first few days but if you’re concerned you’re having a reaction, remove it and make sure you wash it regularly. The second session on my sleeve, tegaderm also was applied because I hate leaking shit all over my clothes and sheets.... I removed it the day after (in the evening) and ordered a roll tegaderm and reapplied for another two days (surprise... no reaction!) I personally think the ink and extra fluid underneath the tegaderm caused my reaction the first time because it had dried up by the time I took it off and felt really tight.... I’m by no means a professional but this was my experience. Goodluck with healing!
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    You may or may not be surprised to learn that we hear this more often these days. Let it ride for awhile. It's not poorly done. Nothing there to be ashamed of. You look fairly young, and your tastes in art and how it appears on your skin will very likely evolve. My guess is you'll eventually add more AROUND it, and that will reduce the impact of what you're seeing right at this early moment.
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    Tatt advice

    Not to beat up on the OP because about half the threads here are the same, but man people don't do anywhere near enough homework before getting a tattoo and tattoo artists don't appear to be doing anywhere near enough to educate their clients.
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    ROAD TRIP! DeMoine = https://www.instagram.com/joshuabowers/ Fort Collins = https://www.instagram.com/curtisburgess/ Kansas City = https://www.instagram.com/markgalloway/?hl=en Chicago = https://www.instagram.com/r_goodkind/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/kellysevertson/?hl=en plus a whole host of others . . .
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    New member and about to design a sleeve

    Welcome! Bacanu looks quite capable from this instagram page. You should do quite good with him. Congrats! You'll find several historical threads here that discuss text as tattoos. My take on it = find an event or memory that brings you to a favorite feeling about your family. Go for the images and drop the text. Tattoos don't have to be literal for the casual stranger.
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    Rate my tattoo - Direction and help

    Drives me crazy when people rag on other people's tattoos. That's a nice, quality tattoo that you shouldn't hear anything but complements about.
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    Open skin on crease (side of ditch)

    So not sure if this will work for others but this process seems to be working for me...its now completely clotted and almost closed in a matter of days.. I had a reaction to the tegaderm that was originally put on my sleeve but I think its due to the build up of ink and fluids drying up. I was told to leave it on 3 days, I lasted two due to the redness and swelling purely around the adhesive edges. However, due to the crease wound being open I was 10 out 10 paranoid of infection so I was desperate to cover it. I washed the area with anti bacterial soap, dried it thoroughly, put a piece of tegaderm over it (I cut it, shits expensive). Following morning, removed the tegaderm and there was improvement however wasn’t closed enough, repeated cleaning process, let it air dry and air out for a few hours, cleaned it, reapplied tegaderm and removed the following day. This was the result and I’m super stoked, maybe attending uni and learning a bit about wound care helped me after all 😂 the little pink/red in the crease is actually now ink, not an open cut! Have another 8 hour session on Tuesday so will upload (hopefully) finished result. but for now, here’s the work so far..