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  1. newest addition(s), by kim anh nguyen from holland. two classics ...
  2. duncan x, joe ellis, sway, jemma jones, matty d'arienzo, luke jinks, philipy yarnell, rich hadley, ... uk got sooooo many great artists....
  3. Love the beer too!! I can recommend la Main bleue in Mons and Ritual electrik in brussels! as Belgium isnt too big you should easily reach these citys! Cheers
  4. Alex Dörfler at Hardcore ink Kassel. Really awesome neotraditional stuff ! Instagram.com/Alex_sances_one
  5. great stuff in here, as always . got something new today, photorealistic :
  6. Have a look at lowbrow tattoo parlour. Adrian edek for example ! Adde ramstedt just announced he will work there from december on.
  7. My arm by Joel Madberg, Salvation Tattoo Stockholm:
  8. I'm in Stockholm at the moment and joel madberg did some more on my arm. There is some space left on the wrist and a candle waiting for color in the inside of the elbow. We will finish that in belgium hopefully. Cheers [emoji4]
  9. got my knee done by matthew houston in amsterdam yesterday: took that instagram picture, can't make my own cause its swollen like a watermelon at the moment. :D
  10. my latest tattoo is this one from luke jinks on my shin, but its still about six months ago haha just thought i could post anything as i spent very much time in this thread looking at all those great tattoos !
  11. chbronson

    ahoy !

    thanks man well what i got... luke jinks did something on my shin and joel madberg is doing my whole arm. don't know where to post, since it is not that new (about 7 months) it wouldn't fit in the "latest tattoo lowdown", would it? what i am getting...i will be at salon serpent in amsterdam with matthew houston next week. and in two weeks i will be in stockholm to finish my arm with joel !
  12. chbronson

    ahoy !

    hey people i'm from germany (sorry for my bad english), 24 years old and i spent a lot of time staring in that "latest tattoo lowdown" thread - so many brilliant tattoos! haha and right now i thought it would be time to register myself. don't know what else to say. i got some tattoos and i got two appointments in the next two weeks! yeah ok, cheers and have a nice weekend !
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