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  1. Blackcloud

    Kwan Yin Back Piece

    Scott Sylvia
  2. The Coleman front is So SICK!!!!
  3. Roses on my elbow by Scott Sylvia
  4. Blackcloud


    Elbow Roses by Scott Sylvia
  5. Blackcloud


    Sorry I don't have a picture but my first tattoo was the Pushead Hand of Fear.
  6. Blackcloud

    Losing a Parent

    First of all condolences. I lost my Father in Dec. of last year to cancer. The cancer had spread to his brain and he chose to do radiation to stunt the tumor growth. So my sister and my dad are waiting for this radiation Dr.. The Dr. comes in and Introduces himself, "Hi, my name is Dr. Poo." It was such a great moment! The last real good laugh I had with my dad and my sister. It was one of those trying not to laugh moments, which always makes it worse! My dad says,"You gotta be shittin me! Even God has a sense of humor!" So Dr. Poo goes on to explain that the radiation could cause cataracts. My Dad responds, "Cataracts? I drive a Rincoln!" I miss him a lot. It gets a lil easier with time. Blackcloud
  7. Blackcloud


    I'm apblackcloud. I never put much up but its awesome to see all the rad tattooing that is taking place all over the place!
  8. No! No! Check out Post #11!!! Ha ha !!!
  9. My sleeve by Scott Sylvia is finished. So I'll enter it into the April contest. Thanks Scott!!!
  10. Blackcloud

    Dragon 2

    Sleeve by Scott Sylvia
  11. Blackcloud

    Dragon Elbow

    Sleeve by Scott Sylvia
  12. Blackcloud


    Sleeve by Scott Sylvia
  13. Blackcloud


    Sleeve by Scott Sylvia
  14. Blackcloud

    Tiger tattoos

    Stoked that the tiger on my arm that Scott Sylvia is doing will get some color tomorrow!!
  15. Not sure if it counts if the tattoo is still in progress? This is phase 2 of my Scott Sylvia sleeve. I tried to flip the images so I apologize in advance if they are sideways. Blackcloud