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  1. Stole this from the guitar forum...
  2. Thanks! Ribs are pretty dang fun. Actually, last night went pretty well, I sat for just over 2 hours. This pic sucks, but it gives an idea of how it ties into arm and how big the tattoo is.
  3. That's good news for Houston! I heard we are closing on 70 craft breweries in Colorado now...it's insane here.
  4. @David Flores Dude, I need you to get this ASAP Pm me your addy
  5. I'm 45. I'm having my right forearm tattooed in Oct. I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks anymore...I'm established in my carreer, and if shit changes I will just have to roll with it. I won't do my hands, but I'm ok with doing my forearms now.
  6. Gettin a couple things touched up Thursday. Looking forward to hangin at Spencer Reisbeck's new location.
  7. cfgsteak


    Omg, that chick is crazy! Lol! I should have got a pic of her. Naked. Hey o!
  8. cfgsteak


    @cfgsteak. Mostly random shit and flowers from my garden
  9. Got confirmation on my second SoG appt. Can't wait for OCT!
  10. That Dean Denney RoA is making me want to make a trip down south. BADASS
  11. Ugh! Can't get an appointment for my side til November...I'm on the cancellation list (which they actually use). So hopefully I will get in soon...otherwise I think I will wait til SoG to get tattooed again. Sure I will...lol
  12. I'm thinking you might be lucky that no violence ensued. I cant imagine what would have happened had Ursula been there...
  13. I dont think its lame, I have had a serious consideration to have the back of the new penny tattooed on me. I just like it, and it seems like it was designed to be a tattoo.
  14. I got those pic of my dads panther head this week. He had this done in Osaka Japan in 1957. He doesn't remember much of that shore leave. He does remember that the tattoo became badly infected and after he got back to his sub all he basically remembers is waking up 3 days out to sea.
  15. I just had lunch withy 73 year old dad, he's from Berkeley...I told him what hunter said, his response was, "that guy must be from Nebraska, or he's just a pussy". My dad is pretty awesome.
  16. That funny, and a pretty good point @hogg I'm really leaning towards the hotel where the convention is at this point. And, unless the BART has radiacally changed, I dont remember it being dangerous...I've got NYC subway experience so I'm not freaking out on BART...
  17. @sboyer is there anywhere I can pick this up locally in Denver?
  18. dont forget roses, snakes and ladyheads.
  19. Ok Kev...that sounds good. Great excuse to check out Tattoo City! Food in SF is so good (at least it was, I cant imagine its still not a great city to eat in). I'm not sure about the hotel, it might be TOO nice...depends if I end up going solo or I end up accompanied by a female comrade...;) If I go solo I tend to slum it a bit more.
  20. LOL, yeah man, I am a systems analyst for a cell phone company, I love me some spreadsheets. I dont think I have ever gone 90mb though, LOL. Honestly, I was just making a spreadsheet for expenses for going to SoG. *blush*
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