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  1. Congratulations, piece sits great on your back! Bittersweet is the right word for concluding such a big piece. I see you've got some more real estate for more projects, on to the next! [emoji6]
  2. The first part of my journey comes to an end after 3 years. Chris Crooks finished my entire back today. Time to start saving for the front!
  3. Day 2 down, both lower legs colored. Next trip we color the upper legs finishing up the full backpiece and then it's on to the front.
  4. Day 1 down with Chris Crooks, we colored the lower left leg. Tomorrow we do the right leg, will keep you posted.
  5. I was watching a movie and this scene resonated with me so i made a gif. People with backpieces will recognize this!
  6. @Runs4fun Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see how your Kirin turns out! I'm going in for more work on my project on monday and tuesday.
  7. As promised, can't wait to go back in the summer for the colors.
  8. Full back finished and back of legs in progress over 6 trips. Each trip is 2 consecutive days of tattooing, on average 7 hours per day.
  9. Day 2 down. Here's a quick video of the progress, I'll share some pictures asap. I'll be flying back in during the summer to get the colors in. http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5a4d38dcaf92c/VID_153460411_221435_639.mp4
  10. Day 1 of 2 down with Chris Crooks in Belfast. We did the lower left leg, tomorrow upper leg to tie into the backpiece. Will keep you posted.
  11. It's a mental game, you can do this! I'm doing 2 days of backpiece extension on the legs starting tomorrow, I'll update with pictures asap.
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