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    Born and raised in Houston, I've been tattoing for close to 9 years now...prefer blk n gry or traditional, but love to do everything.
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    Houston, Tx.
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    Movies, Cars, Comics, Food
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    Tattoo Artist

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  1. the thing is that we protect what we love...can't just trust anybody with this knowledge because our names are attached to the apprentice. if they fuk up, its our fault... as far as ppl tattooing in their houses, i could care less, everybodys trying out there...ive seen plenty of beginner work that has promise...but normally its not a good idea to go to a shop with pics of tattoos u did...better to bring artwork. and tattooers actually hate hangarounds...just get tattooed, chill, be cool, but dont bug and be comin around everyday..lol
  2. mikevaladez


    first color portrait
  3. My answer is yes we need apprentices...we just got a new apprentice at our shop...she got to know my boss before she got it...and she had already known tattooers...she moved from cali to texas just to learn how to tattoo...and thats what it takes, real commitment, not just bitchin about some shop down the street not taking you. to answer the question of teaching random strangers...its a NO...i dont know you, dont know what you really want with tattooing, probably just to mooch off of it like everyone else. those are my first thoughts for when strangers ask. if i get to know someone and know that they love it for the art...i would do it, but most people wanna be fukn cool, and wanna get rich. my apprenticeship took 4 years...no money, barely any tattoos done...most people dont wanna do that, they just wanna pick up a machine and start tattooing....bleh..my 2 cents as a tattoo artist.
  4. exactly...skull face virgin mary is not a santa muerte....gotta have all the bells n whistles..haha....
  5. a backpiece would be awsome...to most it would just look like a grim reaper...its the small details, like the owl, hourglass, and the earth that make it santisima muerte..i dont see a problem if you dont worship it...better for you, it usually involves some sort of offering..
  6. i have one too....it helps sometimes warding off cops in mexico...haha.... some people might be offended in you having the tattoo and not knowing the story about her, or ritual. not me though...do it....the image is awsome, and makes for a cool tattoo.
  7. haha...yea the balls are right near the elbow too...not too easy to hide.
  8. Blk n Gry | Facebook @Reyeslv dnt know how to post the pic, but heres a link to said penis portrait.
  9. i did a portrait of a penis on a guys arm...that was pretty weird. actually the weirdest part was his wife. she was pretty adamant about the penis head being a particular size, and it being accompanied by a nice set of balls. idk..pretty random.
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